Seiler Family Gallery

Here is where all the new pictures are going!  We’ve even got mom uploading!

Summer Washington Trip 2009

The Seiler family minus Kelly set off for a road trip up the Oregon coast where we met Kelly and her boyfriend, Jeremiah’s family.

Brett’s Vegas Trip 2009

Brett and Vadim headed off to Vegas to see the sights over the first half of their Thanksgiving break.

House Construction Pictures (Brett’s Pictures) and More House Construction Pictures (Seiler SmugMug Photo Site)

For everyone Interested in the construction of our new house in Escondido, this has pictures from start to finish.

Mojave Spring 2008

Lake Mojave is a biannual trip that takes us to the rugged Mojave Desert of Nevada. Our trips include Windsurfing, Boating, Primitive Camping, and Fishing. Lauren and Vadim made it out with the family for this trip. Overall things seemed to work out pretty well.

Minnesota 2008

This is Part One of the Two part Gallery that chronicles our Minnesota Trip

Minnesota 2008 Part 2

This is Part Two of the Two part Gallery that chronicles our Minnesota Trip

Boundary Waters

These Boundary Waters’ pictures are a part of our Minnesota trip we took over the summer of 2008 and are included in the unedited Minnesota galleries but these are the select pictures I decided to clean up.

Lopez 2008

Lake Lopez is our annual windsurfing trip that takes us to central California.

Dave & Jenn’s Wedding (Brett’s Webiste) and Dave & Jenn’s SmugMug Picture Site

We ventured all the way up to Ventura county for the big celebration!

Boundrary Waters Trip

June 2008 – Canoe Trip on the Boundary Waters between the US in Minnesota and Canada!

Lake Mojave Spring 2007

Fun in the sun!

Kelly’s College Graduation

March 2007, Finally!

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