It’s Winter!

We’re finally going to make it out to the desert this weekend! It’s been cold / rainy lately. At least the desert will be wet, what a treat! On another note, I’ve been very busy. I just finished my finals the other week, and I’ve still been busy working since. I took on the task of marketing Alliance Transmissions and breathing life into Trans Connection. Both have received a new website, with Alliance still needing work but looking decent overall. Trans Connection, however still needs quite a bit of work done to it starting with the design and ending with marketing and content. To make myself feel better, I think Alliance just needs a few more marketing tweaks and some additional content. Outside of the Internet, I find myself working more hours at Northrop Grumman, I recently took over quite a few more responsibilities there (too many to list, plus they’re boring “heh”). Besides all that, I’ve been busy building custom computers and doing repair/ maintenance for a slew of new customers around town.

Besides all of that, I’ve moved my official website (don’t get too excited nothing has really changed) to

This weekend will be a nice break!