Christmas Letter 2010

2010 has been a year of hoping and praying the economy will improve! We have been holding on to see what happens next.  The last of the landscaping projects around the house need to be finished for the upcoming graduation party to be held on Saturday, May 21st ….if all goes as planned.   We are on a schedule now!

After last year’s job promotion, trip to Europe and completion of two UCLA Executive Course Series, Kelly has slowly started to accept the realities of the work-a-day world.  Eat, sleep, work, and do it again the next day!  She is still working on the unmanned drones and continues to plot, and plan her next career move while being active in the San Diego Chapter of the Society of Women Engineers this year as Vice President. She was able to attend the national conference in Orlando, enjoying the 5 days of training, inspiration, and partying! In May Kelly, and her boyfriend, Jeremiah, got a place together and they have been settling in with finding furniture, and getting pictures on the walls.  They both have cats, Kelly has Carmen and Jeremiah has Ash.  It has been a process to blend the two families but they seem to have come together with only minor issues.

Every time we see him, Brett is wearing his famous smile.  I’m telling you, ear to ear with the three rows of dimples going up his checks.  A super senior, on the home stretch, his final semester with only his senior project and two business electives to go until he walks with his Degree in Business Administration! Not to mention the much anticipated 5 weeks off for winter break. Managing to survive another wave of layoffs, Brett is still employed while living in the old house with two good roommates. How much better does it get?  The college life has brought some new experiences, away from the watchful eye of the parents; he has become quite the brewmaster! With several brews being quite tasty!  Between the college speakers the CEO of Stone Brewing and his Boy Scout cooking skills…hum mm we thought we were giving him good role models, he seems to have found an enjoyable hobby! 2010 has been all about the anticipation of 2011, graduation, full-time employment and 6 weeks of planned travel in Europe…don’t you need to get back to go to work?
Life is good!

The parents, Ray has expanded his shop into general repair and brought in a lead mechanic. With this change he has applied for AAA certification.  Brett has been working with Dad to bring the business into the computer age, everything comes off the computer, invoices, checks, service reminders and of course a state of the art webpage, take a look at it’s all about surviving in the recession. Saturday mornings it is time to dust off the mountain bike and meet the guys at 0800.  He is still in the game.  And he is still holding his own on the dirt bike up against that 22 year-old son.  He does seem to sit and read more and more tho!

Mom, well she is slowly getting a life!  She has consistently attended yoga classes this year, has joined the North Inland Chapter of Assistance League and is sharing some volunteer responsibilities with a friend for Make-A-Wish.  And she talks about the retirement plan. Will it be 5/28/11 or 5/28/16 or somewhere in between?  If she is going to get that new Beemer she has her eye on, it will be the latter! Other than that she has been trying to adapt to the aging process by preparing those easy to digest meals and getting out for walks.

After15 years of talking about going to Yellowstone National Park we finally were inspired to hit the road in the new motorhome. Dad and Brett headed out to ride the motorcycle trails of Utah for a week before meeting up with Mom and Kel at the Jackson Hole airport for our trip into the Grand Tetons and the final destination of Yellowstone.  Wow!  What a trip, hiking, biking, kayaking and more hiking.  We tried to see it all in the two weeks we were in the parks.  On the trip home we stopped for a couple of days each in Bryce and Zion.  Between 3 cameras and the video we have it well recorded on the family website here!

We are talking about doing a trip to Costa Rica as our next adventure. Still working on coordinating dates in all of our schedules; no easy task with all of us going in different directions.

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