Fall Newsletter

Our first fall in the new house!  It is very hot living so far away from the coast.  The dual air conditioning systems are helpful; if I can get the control away from the elder Seiler.  Saturday night we had a Birthday Party for Kelly & Brett.  We each invited a few close friends and wow it turned into quite a party. Brett turned 20 and Kelly 24.  At midnight Dad announced the party was over because he was tired and going to bed! It was a beautiful evening on the deck BBQing, playing pingpong and making margs.

For the kidz birthday Dad got a new mountain bike!  How did that happen?  Now this is a nice mountain bike.  This is his Christmas, Birthday and Father’s Day present.  He is one happy camper with this high tech machine.  Even purchased a matching helmet with a little help and encouragement. He had the new machine out three times the first week.  Came home in one piece on each trip unfortunately his riding buddies were not as successful.  John was taken out big time with a broken arm and Glenn a small crash.

Mom spent a week in Lake Tahoe attending an insurance conference. She  went up a day early to get in a little R&R.  She got to go on a boat ride around the lake.  Perfect weather and a very nice day!

Brett is busy back at school studying econ, business law, accounting and art.  He is still working part-time at Northrup doing data management, building & repairing computers and helping Mom with her tech stuff. He has 3-day weekends which has given him a day to surf every week.  The water has been nice this summer.

Kelly is on the go 24/7 between work, boyfriend, soccer, friends, gardening and doing laundry!  She has a new business venture, making hula hoops.  Working on the marketing and shipping of these fancy adult exercise toys.

Carmen is missing all the attention she has gotten for years.  Mostly home by herself; but glad to have her same bed and bedroom.

All is well at the Seiler family.  It is not looking like we are going to get away for a fall trip lake trip. Dad is itching to get that new boat back out on the lake but everyone is too busy with work & school to go play. We are looking forward to the winter desert season.

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