Happy Holidays 2007

from Ray, Laura, Kelly, & Brett

Well, the parents have left the kids on Ellingham Street! Moved on up to the east side. Ray’s dream of building a house on the property we bought back in 1981 finally came true. Even turned out better than we could have imagined. Oh the luxury of having all that space and it is only the two of us.

2007 was a great year for Kelly! She finished her degree electrical engineering. after all those years of studying. After a 12 week summer internship at Disney Imagingineering Kelly decided to take an offer from Northrop Grumman to work on Global Hawk. A few of the tipping issues for her were to work on an unmanned aircraft a life long dream The other issue was very close to rental property that she had her eye on. Only 6 miles to the office, all city streets. Now the question is what should I do with all that cash? What should I buy with that steady income? Her first purchase was a bigger bed. After all those years of sleeping in a twin bed oh the luxury of a queen size bed. Just enough room for her and Carmen.

Brett is a sophomore this year at California State University San Marcos located in the northern portion of San Diego County. He has continued working as a student intern at Northrop Grumman, Mission Systems, Network Communication Division. It has now been 3½ that he has dated Lauren, his girlfriend from high school. His big news this year has been the purchase of his bright red 2004 Acura RSX. After working a number of jobs over the summer he finally had enough cash for the big purchase. Oh man, the luxury of the Acura over the Sunfire! Brett was the only one in the family to take a nice vacation. Brett and his buddy spent a week in New York City, then took the train up to Toronto. Life is good as a college student.

We have spent pretty much every weekend working on the house. Then we had the horrific event of moving after 24 years. With the kids staying in the house half of the “stuff” stayed too! That has made it much easier, but going though every closet, sorting and packing and unpacking. We are slowly getting settled in the new house and the kids are turning the old house into quite a bachelor bachelorette “pad”! The living room has been turned into a projection room with a projector T.V. with a 10foot screen. A 50/50 purchase between the two of them.

We skipped the family vacation again this year with both kids working and Dad building the house. Our trips to the desert have been few and far between. The four of us did get out to Lake Mojave in the spring for some much needed R&R, swimming, waterskiing windsurfing and kayaking. We figured out it had been 7 years since Kelly had been out at the lake.

The house project has been all consuming. Kelly commented the other day, family time seems to be massive amounts of manual labor.

The last but not least family member… Miss Carmen is quite upset about the move, the noise and only occasional visits of her family. Seems the kids don’t spend as much time at home as the parents did. She does seem to like Kelly’s new bed and sleeping in the sunlight coming through the window in the morning.

The Holidays will be quite different for us this year, Kelly is going to Washington with her boyfriend to have Christmas with his family. The first Christmas we won’t all be together.
We are looking forward to a HO HUM 2008. NO graduations, no moving, no house building and returning to our at annual family vacation.

From our house to yours Happy holidays,

The Seilers

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