Happy Holidays 2006

from Ray, Laura, Kelly, & Brett

This will be our last year on Christmas Card Lane. Ray was successful getting a building permit from the County on August 7, 2006 for building a house on that land we bought back in 1981. It is a very long slow process family picture but we now actually have a structure that looks like a house. We are owner builder so lots of time dedicated to bidding, selecting and overseeing the different aspects of the construction. Ray is the happiest he has been in years. Also the tiredest!

Kelly is nearing completion on her electrical engineering degree at Cal Poly. So now it is interviewing for that first real job. We keep asking her about companies that are closer to home! I know San Diego has companies that hire electrical engineers. She has participated in three internship programs, a summer at Qualcomm, here in San Diego, Cisco Systems internship program in the Silicon Valley for 6 months and she spent 12 weeks in a program at one of Duke Energy’s nuclear power plants this past summer in North Carolina. She is hoping that her summer work will give her a leg up landing a good job.

Brett chose to attend San Marcos State, a small university here in San Diego County that offers a computer science program. He is mostly taking general education: math, Spanish, health and speech. He has continued to work as a student intern at Northrop Grumman, Space Technology Division. Just by chance, his girlfriend also chose a local college. They seem to be enjoying being freshman together without much of the anxiety of adjusting to life beyond high school.

Mom, well mom is mom. Nothing ever seems to change much for her. Same husband, same kids, same job. She has been told that she needs to get a life. Just when she thought she would, supporting family picture the dream of building a house took priority! Oh well she’ll get there eventually, having her own life that is. For now she runs here and runs there chasing this or chasing down that for the construction. One new thing for her in 2006, she was asked to sit on a state-wide insurance professionals board. She seems to enjoy the opportunity to travel more frequently and make use of her insurance expertise.

No family vacation again this year with both the kids working and Dad building a house. We did take a long weekend and fly to Minnesota for a Nitz family reunion. Kelly flew up from North Carolina but it was Brett’s first week of college – how could he miss that! The reunion was a huge success thanks to all the planning of David & Carol Nitz and all the support of the extended family. A great time was had by all.

Kelly & her girl friend joined me in Las Vegas when I was there on business in June. Our last time together before she flew back east for her summer internship Brett and Dad ended their boy scouting careers with two final trips, of course the favorite annual ski trip to Mammoth and a five day backpacking trip to the High Sierras. No desert trips so far this year. The house project seems to be all consuming, time, energy and the family fortune!

We will be home for the Holidays. From our house to yours have a wonderful holiday season!

The Seilers

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